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The Sustainable Resources – Way, SReWay, is a collection of apps that aspires to help those interested to deliver sustainable materials and processes. The name comes from the group that originated this work, and still keeps it running, that is the Secondary Resources for Engineered Materials, SREMat, group of KU Leuven, but has been adapted to cover also non-secondary resources, hopefully though still sustainable. The “Way” reflects our intention to create a paradigm of being self-consistent as a group…where among other things, we offer tools to the individuals so as to calculate and to judge. By doing so, everyone could participate in this so-called transition to more sustainable practices. Yes, the “Way” also reflects our intention to create a galaxy of apps, and Milky Way is probably something we are somehow familiar to, as a name at least. Needless to say, there have been many people involved in this journey. Yet, we ‘d rather stay discretely in the background. At the end, this is not about “us”, it is about leaving something useful behind.

The need to develop SReWay emerged from the realization that the valorization of residues is high on the agenda, surprisingly though, no available database (to the best of our knowledge), collects and provides information about these alternative materials. This is not the case for minerals, and a fine example is the RRUFF™ Project (https://rruff.info). Inspired by this effort, we decided to develop a platform where data are collected and (freely) distributed. As the list of materials we cover here is immense, the design of the platform is enabling users to upload their information. In fact, the same is true for the apps also: users can ask SREMat to add a new module, ideally something they have developed themselves and will help the community. Typically, we would expect a working Excel file to begin the discussion. We will then try to convert it into an app, and we will cover the cost. Thus, the success or not of this platform comes down to all of us. To some extent in fact this is also a sociological experiment: can we collaborate?

The “sun” of our galaxy here is SReDat. This is the database that contains an integrated database of chemistry, X-ray diffractograms, FTIR and Raman spectra, as well as complementary information in selected cases (e.g. Mössbauer spectra, NMR spectroscopy, gamma-ray spectrometry…) for a range of sustainable resources. Next to SReDat, we have SReBind, SReMix and SReTools. In SReBind, we create cementitious clinkers and glasses, and this is expected to be functional by Q3 of 2023. SReMix is working already, and this is where you are adding your materials from SReDat and (if relevant) SReBind together to form mortars or concrete. In SReTools, are adding those little tools you have or wished you had, that simplify our life and give us insights. The list is endless, we are aware

The focus for the time-being is on inorganic residues, and if we receive any income (more below), this will go back via KU Leuven to the development of the app. In the near future, we see the use of mathematical solvers, and computational tools (either statistics, or machine learning tools) indispensable, and we are working in this direction. The overall aspiration is to establish a one-stop reference collection of apps, to which different entities (such as universities, research institutes…) contribute, and which accelerates research. Ideally, this effort contributes towards closed material loops.


To begin with, we encourage you to register with a personal account. This is free, and will remain free. What you add is shared with the community. If you feel that sharing is not for you, you can register as a paying user. Then all your data are private and accessible in the separate menu of each app. You will need to pay 5 euro per month, and you can stop anytime. Your financial contribution goes to KU Leuven and returns as development hours in SReWay.Contact us here for the next steps.

If your team (>1 members) wants to use SReWay, and your data cannot be shared, then we have a separate account option where you all see each other’s work in the team. You will need to pay 20 euro per month, and you can stop anytime. Your financial contribution goes to KU Leuven and returns as development hours in the SReWay. Contact us here for the next steps.

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